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Have any questions about immigration? Ask here!

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  2. I have had the same problem many times in Chrome browser. I tried FireFox and it worked. I don’t know if it helped, or if it’s just a coincidence, because I had the same problem in FireFox before. But this time it worked.
  3. Why on the site https://dvprogram.state.gov when checking my Green Card application I get the error "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator." and how to fix it?
  4. They moved the site to the new address. Now it is https://dvprogram.state.gov On the old website (https://dvlottery.state.gov) they have not the correct TLS certificate. Use the new one.
  5. Why am I getting the error "Your connection is not private" (NET :: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID) on the site https://dvlottery.state.gov and how can I fix it?
  6. I'm getting ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on form submission on dvprogram.state.gov Anyone else experienced this problem? How do I fix it?
  7. Their website is currently down for everyone, you just have to wait.
  8. When i try to visit dvprogram.state.gov i get this: Please help me.
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