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  1. Ситуация с получением вида на жительство (ВНЖ) в Грузии за последний год по информации от "помогаек": В последние годы Грузия стала популярным направлением для иммиграции из России и Беларуси. Однако в связи с большим потоком заявителей, процент отказов в выдаче ВНЖ остается довольно высоким и составляет около 35%. Наиболее перспективными категориями для получения ВНЖ являются: Инвесторы, вложившие от 100 тыс. долларов в экономику Грузии. Члены семей граждан Грузии или уже имеющих ВНЖ. Квалифицированные специалисты по программе трудоустройства в местных компаниях. Индивидуальные предприниматели со стабильным годовым оборотом от 50 тыс. лари и имеющие более 18 тыс долларов на банковском счету. При рассмотрении заявлений на ВНЖ обращают внимание на следующие моменты: Намерение заявителя постоянно жить и работать в Грузии. Пребывание на спорных территориях после событий 2008 года. Срок фактического пребывания в Грузии, желательно более 90 дней. По статистике за последний год, процент положительных решений по различным категориям составляет: Рабочее ВНЖ - 40% Инвестиционное и по недвижимости - 80% Воссоединение семей - 72% Учёба - 42%
  2. Here is a super simple JavaScript code you could use on all websites which are using Cloudflare CDN. It allows you to quickly retrieve some connection data, such as IP, location, CF server, whether or not the user uses WARP VPN, etc. async function getCloudflareTraceJSON() { try { const response = await fetch(`https://${location.hostname}/cdn-cgi/trace`); const traceData = await response.text(); const traceEntries = traceData.trim().split('\n').map(e => e.split('=')); return Object.fromEntries(traceEntries); } catch (error) { console.error(error); return null; } } getCloudflareTraceJSON().then(console.log); Usage example: getCloudflareTraceJSON().then( traceData => { if (traceData.loc === 'US') { console.log('Location: USA'); } else { console.log('Location: Not USA'); } } );
  3. Для GCash теперь нужен Alien Certificate of Registration, сделать по симке и паспорту как раньше уже нельзя.
  4. Discuss Everything Related to Extending Tourist Visas in the Philippines https://e-services.immigration.gov.ph/ - official Philippine e-services for immigrants and foreigners staying in the country
  5. The Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card) in the Philippines is a crucial document for foreign nationals staying in the country for more than 59 days. This card, about the size of a credit card or a driver's license, contains important information such as the holder's picture, full name, home country, place and date of birth, and biometric data stored in an embedded microchip. Foreign nationals who need to renew their ACR I-Card include those with expired cards, individuals who have turned 14, those whose visa status has changed, or in situations where a replacement is required under the Alien Registration Act of 1950. The renewal process involves submitting an ACR I-Card Application Form, a photocopy of the passport bio-page, visa implementation page, and latest admission with valid authorized stay, along with other documents depending on the type of visa held. Additional requirements may apply for specific visa categories such as immigrant visas, student visas, or Philippine-born permanent residents. In case of a lost, damaged, or amended ACR I-Card, a reissuance process is available, which also requires an application form and relevant documents depending on the specific situation, such as a police report for lost cards or proof of amendments. The steps to renew or reissue the ACR I-Card include gathering the necessary documents, submitting them at the nearest Bureau of Immigration (BI) office, and paying the required fees. The general application fees include a $50 I-Card fee and a ₱500 express fee. The processing of the digitized card with electronic security features may take a couple of weeks, and the BI will notify the applicant via text message when the ACR I-Card is ready to be claimed. Furthermore, the Bureau of Immigration requires foreign nationals to file an Annual Report (AR) to track their stay and immigration status changes in the Philippines. This report must be completed by March 1, 2024, to avoid delays or fines. Exemptions from the personal appearance requirement for the AR include individuals below 14 or over 60 years of age, those who are mentally or physically incapacitated, pregnant women, and unwell foreign nationals with a medical certificate.
  6. The digital banking landscape in the Philippines is evolving rapidly, with Maya and GCash leading the way in offering convenient financial services. Both platforms cater to a broad user base, including foreigners, non-citizens, and non-residents. This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed insights into Maya and GCash cards, their features, eligibility for foreigners, and alternatives available in the Philippines. Maya Card for Foreigners Overview Maya, formerly known as PayMaya, is a prominent digital bank in the Philippines. It provides a range of financial services including online payments, money transfers, bill payments, and virtual prepaid cards. The Maya card is a versatile tool allowing for ATM withdrawals, online shopping, and in-store purchases. Eligibility and Registration Foreign nationals can register for a Maya account, but the process involves certain requirements. To register: Download the Maya app and provide personal details. Upgrade the account by submitting a valid ID and a video selfie. A Philippine roaming SIM number and a local address are necessary for account registration. Features and Benefits Maya accounts offer various limits for transactions. Upgraded accounts enjoy enhanced features like higher transaction limits, the ability to open savings accounts, and access to loan facilities. GCash Card for Foreigners Overview GCash is another popular digital wallet in the Philippines. It offers services like bill payments, online shopping, and a Mastercard for cashless transactions. Eligibility and Verification Foreigners over 18 with a Philippine SIM can use GCash and get fully verified. Verification requires submission of an Alien Certificate of Registration and possibly additional documents like a DOLE Alien Employment or School Registration Form. Features and Benefits Basic GCash accounts offer limited services like cash-in, bill payments, and buying load. Fully verified accounts can access additional features, including international remittance, investment options, and a higher wallet limit of PHP 500,000. Maya vs GCash When comparing Maya and GCash: Both offer similar basic services like bill payments and online shopping. Maya provides additional features like savings accounts and investment opportunities. GCash has a higher wallet limit for verified users. Alternatives for Non-Residents In addition to Maya and GCash, the Philippines offers other digital banking options. These alternatives might have different features or requirements, so it's important to research and choose one that best fits your needs. RCBC Diskartech: Offers an interest rate of 6.5% per annum. It is the multilingual financial inclusion mobile app of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) and includes features like Telekonsulta and Telemedicine. Netbank: Provides an interest rate of 4% per annum for Basic Deposit Accounts and has free InstaPay and PESOnet transaction fees. GOtyme: Features a 5% per annum interest rate. It's a digital banking platform that provides various online banking services. Tonik: Provides an interest rate of 4% per annum for solo stash and 4.5% per annum for group stash. SeaBank: Offers a 4.5% per annum interest rate and includes free transfer fees to SeaBank accounts, as well as free transfers via InstaPay and PESONet. UNObank: A Singapore-based digital bank offering an interest rate of 4.25% per annum in the UNOReady Account and up to 6.5% per annum in the UNOBoost and UNOEarn Time Deposit Accounts. UnionDigital: Provides 3% per annum interest for accounts with ₱5 million and below savings, and 4% per annum for accounts with ₱5 million and above savings. CIMB: Features a 5% per annum interest rate on its GSave account and other promotional rates. Komo by Eastwest: Offers an interest rate of 2.5% per annum, with no withdrawal fees at any EastWest Bank ATMs and four free monthly withdrawal fees for BancNet ATMs. Overseas Filipino Bank: Provides interest rates ranging from 1% to 4% per annum, depending on the account balance. BPI’s BanKo: Offers 0.0625% per annum on PondoKo Savings Accounts and 5% per annum for TODO Savings Accounts. OwnBank: A mobile banking service of OwnBank, a rural bank in Cavite City, offering 6% per annum on Savings Accounts and up to 8% per annum for Time Deposit Accounts. Wrapping up For foreigners, non-citizens, and non-residents in the Philippines, both Maya and GCash provide accessible digital banking solutions. Understanding their features, eligibility criteria, and the process of account verification can help you make an informed decision. Always ensure to comply with local regulations and requirements when using these services. This guide has been created with the latest information available as of early 2024. For more detailed instructions on registration, verification, and usage, please visit the official websites of Maya and GCash.
  7. "RTMP" (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), "SRT" (Secure Reliable Transport), and "NDI" (Network Device Interface) are three different protocols used for streaming and broadcasting video over a network. Each has its unique features, advantages, and use cases: RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol): Purpose: Initially developed by Macromedia, RTMP is widely used for streaming audio, video, and data over the Internet, typically from a media server to a flash player. Key Features: Low latency. Adaptive bitrate streaming, which adjusts the video quality according to the viewer's bandwidth. Usage: Commonly used for live streaming on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Limitations: Being an older protocol, it lacks some modern features like error correction. Many platforms are moving away from RTMP in favor of newer protocols. SRT (Secure Reliable Transport): Purpose: Developed by Haivision, SRT is designed for secure and reliable transport of high-quality, low-latency video across the public Internet. Key Features: High performance in poor network conditions. Supports encryption for secure transmission. Error recovery and jitter control, ideal for unstable networks. Usage: Used in broadcasting where quality and security are paramount, especially over unpredictable networks. Advantages Over RTMP: Offers better security, error correction, and is more suited for unstable network conditions. NDI (Network Device Interface): Purpose: Developed by NewTek, NDI is used for sharing video sources over a local network in real-time. Key Features: High-quality video with low latency. Allows multiple video systems to communicate over a local area network. Usage: Widely used in broadcast studios and live event production, where multiple video sources need to be shared and managed over a network. Advantages: Flexibility in connecting multiple devices and sources. High-quality video suitable for professional production environments. Limitations: Primarily designed for use within a local network and not over the public Internet. So: RTMP is a more traditional protocol best suited for live streaming to large audiences over the Internet. SRT excels in secure and reliable delivery of high-quality video over potentially unstable networks. NDI is ideal for high-quality, low-latency video sharing within a local network, especially in professional production environments.
  8. Если ваш доход составляет менее 2 400 000 рублей и виды деятельности не в списке запрещённых для самозанятых, возможно вам будет выгодно перейти на НПД (самозанятость) с УСН или ЕСХН. ИП при этом сохраняется, а от налоговых режимов УСН или ЕСХН нужно будет отказаться. Плюсы ИП на НПД в сравнении с ИП на УСН или ЕСХН: Не нужно платить страховые взносы Налог 4% если плательщик - физлицо, 6% - если плательщик - организация или предприниматель. Проще отчётность Как ИП перейти на НПД с УСН или ЕСХН: Зарегистрироваться как самозанятый на сайте https://lknpd.nalog.ru/ Дождаться, пока в личном кабинете вашего ИП в списке применяемых систем налогообложения появится НПД (обычно это происходит на следующий день после регистрации самозанятого): Когда НПД появилась и УСН (или ЕСХН) стала серой, переходим в раздел личного кабинета ИП "Жизненные ситуации > Сменить / уточнить систему налогообложения". Нажимаем "Прекращение деятельности по УСН" или "Прекращение деятельности по ЕСХН" в зависимости от того, какую систему вы применяли до перехода на НПД. Отправляем уведомлмение и ожидаем его обработки налоговой службой. Готово, теперь вы ИП на НПД!
  9. Подача декларации ИП в Грузии Заходим на https://decl.rs.ge/decls.aspx Переключаемся на английский язык нажатием на ссылку "English Version" в подвале сайта. Если декларацию подаём впервые, то: Нажимаем в меню "Monthly" -> "Small Business Annual Income Declaration". Нажимаем кнопку "new return". Открывается окно с полями для заполнения новой декларации. В поля номер 15 и 17 вводим сумму в лари, которую заработали в отчётном месяце. В первой декларации эта сумма будет одинаковой в обоих полях. Если были доходы в других валютах, то нужно перевести их в лари по курсу нацбанка, который был установлен на дату поступления суммы на ваш счёт. Посмотреть курс можно здесь: https://nbg.gov.ge/en/monetary-policy/currency Отправляем декларацию, переходим к оплате налога. Если декларацию подаём не впервые, то: Зайдя на https://decl.rs.ge/decls.aspx видим последнюю декларацию. Нажимаем на иконку с лупой 🔎 справа от неё. Выписываем себе значение из поля номер 15, которое называется "Income of small business from the beginning of a calendar year with the increased sum". Эта сумма потребуется нам в новой декларации. Далее нажимаем в меню "Monthly" -> "Small Business Annual Income Declaration". Нажимаем кнопку "new return". Открывается окно с полями для заполнения новой декларации. В поле номер 15, которое называется "Income of small business from the beginning of a calendar year with the increased sum", вводим сумму из прошлой декларации, прибавив в ней доход месяца, за который подаётся декларация. Т.е. если в прошлой декларации в поле 15 было 100 лари, а в этом месяце мы заработали ещё 111 лари, то вписываем 211 лари. В поле номер 17, которое называется "Taxable income subject to small busines taxation corresponding with the reporting months. Including:" вводим только ту сумму, которую заработали в этом месяце, то есть 111 лари. Если были доходы в других валютах, то нужно перевести их в лари по курсу нацбанка, который был установлен на дату поступления суммы на ваш счёт. Посмотреть курс можно здесь: https://nbg.gov.ge/en/monetary-policy/currency Отправляем декларацию, переходим к оплате налога. Оплата налога ИП в Грузии Переходим по ссылке https://eservices.rs.ge/Accounting.aspx и видим сумму налоговой задолженности. Нажимаем на кнопку "გადახდა →". Попадаем на страницу выбора способа оплаты налога. Я обычно выбираю TBC, вы можете выбрать более подходящий для вас. В форме заполняем информацию: "გადასახადის გადამხდელის საიდენტიფიკაციო ნომერი (9 ან 11 ნიშნა)" - сюда пишем Identification Number вашего ИП. В поля "გადასახადის გადამხდელის დასახელება" и "გადამხდელის დასახელება თუ გადახდას ახორციელებთ მესამე პირის მეშვეობით" автоматически подтянется ваше имя из данных вашего ИП. В поле "სახაზინო კოდი" по умолчанию введено "101001000". Это не меняем. В соседнее маленькое поле "თანხა" вводим сумму налога, которую хотим заплатить. В меню "ბანკი" выбираем способ оплаты. В поле "მობილურის ტელეფონის ნომერი" вводим свой номер телефона. В поле "ელექტრონული ფოსტა" вводим адрес электронной почты. В поле "დამატებითი ინფორმაცია" вводим "123456789 small business tax for October 2023", где вместо "123456789" вы указываете Identification Number своего ИП, а вместо "October 2023" месяц и год, за который платите налог.
  10. To unpack and open the different file types used by Apex Legends: For .rpak and .starpak files: You can use an asset extraction tool called Legion+. It's designed specifically for extracting assets from Apex Legends and Titanfall 2. To use Legion+, you first need to install it by downloading the latest pre-compiled release or compiling the source code yourself (https://github.com/r-ex/LegionPlus). Once installed, you can use command line options to: Export .rpak or .mbnk files with --export <path to .rpak or .mbnk>. List all exportable assets within a .rpak or .mbnk file with --list <path to .rpak or .mbnk>. Use various load flags to specify the types of assets you want to load, like models, animations, images, etc. Specify the format you want to export the assets to, like .obj for models or .png for images. An example command would be: LegionPlus.exe --export <path to rpak> --loadmodels --loadanimations --mdlfmt obj --animfmt seanim --imgfmt png For .vpk files: GCFScape is the tool you'll need. It can open and extract from .vpk files, which are used for game content storage. The latest version required for .vpk files is 1.7.1 or newer. To extract files using GCFScape: Make sure to associate .gcf files with GCFScape during installation. Open the index file of a multi-part .vpk, which will be named <vpkname>_dir.vpk. Browse the folders and subfolders to locate the file you want to extract. Right-click the file and select the extract option, then choose your save location. GCFScape also requires .NET Framework 4.0 or later and Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime. For macOS and Linux users, these can be installed to run GCFScape through Wine. For other file types: In addition to .rpak files, the Legion asset extraction tool can also be used for .starpak files from Apex Legends. GCFScape supports a range of other file types such as .bsp, .pak, .wad, and .xzp, which might be relevant depending on the specific files you are working with from Apex Legends.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not possible to do it at the moment. The only way to set a thumbnail for a short video on YouTube now is to upload it from a mobile app and choose a still frame as a thumbnail during the publishing process.
  12. Яндекс.Карты не публикуют вакансии для пешеходов-исследователей на своём сайте вакансий, а нанимают таких специалистов через компанию-посредника ANCOR. Для сбора заявок на работу сборщиком данных в Яндекс.Карты предусмотрены отдельные страницы, например: https://yandex.ru/project/remote-work/vacancies/agent https://forms.yandex.ru/surveys/10030352.437096d4593a59bcac0854c31adf081025df81a6/ Сколько платят пешим исследователям Яндекс.Карты? На данный момент Яндекс.Карты платят в среднем 5000 рублей за выполнение 250 заданий. На выполнение 250 заданий в среднем уходит около 25 часов. Что нужно делать? ходить по городу и выявлять то, что не отмечено на картах, или утратило актуальность добавлять на карту отсутствующие объекты собирать данные об организациях: кафе, магазинах, банках, химчистках, ателье и т. д. общаться с представителями организаций для уточнения актуальной информации фотографировать улицы и организации обновлять и актуализировать Карту, нанося на неё объекты городской среды
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