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  2. I've seen this topic with royalty-free music, but I'm looking for a service where I can legally buy more famous and professional music for my videos and live streams. Maybe you can recommend some sites or apps with such a service?
  3. Of these three, I would choose OBS Studio, because it receives important updates and innovations such as improved NVENC performance or an improved audio mixer before the others. Also, I'm working on my fork of OBS Studio. It is called OBS Plus. It will keep all the benefits of OBS Studio, but at the same time, I plan to add some improvements and fixes from myself. Now my fork is in the very early stage of development. If you are interested, I recommend you try it after the release, maybe it will suit you.
  4. Script for automatically opening a chest with points on Twitch channels. function clickBonusChest() { var button = document .getElementsByClassName("community-points-summary")[0] .getElementsByClassName("tw-full-height tw-relative tw-z-above")[0] .getElementsByTagName('button')[0]; if (button) { button.click() } } setInterval(clickBonusChest, 500); You could use it from developers console in browser (CTRL+SHIFT+J) or in any addon which allows you to run custom JS on visited websites.
  5. What is better OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS or XSplit? As far as i know two first are open source and the last one is proprietary and very expensive. But what's the difference between them and what to choose?
  6. 13 new categories was added on Twitch today: Art - For all the artists creating paintings, illustrations, animation, comics, photography, and more, whether you’re using digital or traditional methods or techniques. Makers and Crafting - Use this category when you’re crafting real world objects or working on DIY projects. Includes making costumes, sewing, sculpture, LEGO, woodwork, metalwork, and more. (A big thank you to the community for helping us improve this category name!) Food & Drink - From cooking to eating and everything in between, this category is for anything related to the creation, culture, or consumption of food and drinks. Music & Performing Arts - Use this category when you’re dancing, singing, composing music, playing an instrument, and more. Beauty & Body Art - Use this category when you’re streaming makeup, skincare, bodypainting, tattooing, and more. Science & Technology - Use this category when you’re streaming activities like software development, game design, science experiments, engineering, or robotics. Just Chatting - This category is for conversations between streamers and viewers, like when you’re warming up at the start of your stream, doing Q&As, or live vlogging. Travel & Outdoors - Whether you’re exploring a new city or just hanging out in your hometown, this category covers all your walking-and-talking needs. Sports & Fitness - From team sports to training solo, this category includes everything you’d do in a gym and more. Tabletop RPGs - Finally a place to stream all the tabletop RPGs you love. Special Events - This is where you’ll find big events like TwitchCon, E3, and PAX, as well as special announcements from game developers and publishers. Talk Shows & Podcasts - This category name gets an update for all the podcasters out there. ASMR - A centralized place for ASMR content.
  7. Copyright free & royalty-free music for your Twitch stream (and any other live stream service). https://www.twitch.tv/broadcast/soundtrack (official twitch music library) https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds https://www.twitch.tv/monstercat https://www.twitch.tv/relaxbeats https://www.pretzel.rocks https://www.streambeats.com
  8. You can't, unfortunately. Even if you will set your account to private, your followers still will be able to see this list.
  9. How do i hide following list on Instagram from others? I want to restrict everyone but me from seeing of this list.
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