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Address Registration (Adres Kayıt) in Turkey after Obtaining Residence Permit (Ikamet)

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Foreigners who have received a residence permit in Turkey are obliged to register their residence address within 20 days of receiving the permit. Penalties are provided for failure to comply with this obligation. It is also impossible to apply for an extension of a residence permit and to open accounts in many banks without registration.

In Turkish, this procedure is called "Adres Kayıt", which means "Address Registration". In some contexts, it may also be referred to as "Address Notification" or "Address Declaration".

Ways to register your residence address:

  • Offline at the Göç İdaresi (migration office) or Nüfus (population registry office), depending on your situation.
    To begin, you can go to the Göç İdaresi with your documents and say "Adres Kayıt" (Address Registration), and they will tell you what to do next.
  • Online on the e-devlet website (Turkish "e-government"): https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/adres-degisikligi-bildirimi.
    This method is only suitable if you have an e-İmza or Mobil İmza and no one is registered in your apartment (see also: how to get a password for e-devlet).

To obtain a certificate of residence address, which is required for extending a residence permit, you can go to e-devlet:

For more detailed information about services related to changing your address, please visit the Nüfus website:



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