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How to get a password for e-Devlet (e-Devlet Şifresi)


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Getting a Password in PTT

You can get the e-Devlet password (also known as e-Devlet Şifresi) at the post office (PTT).

To do this, you need to go to PTT with your ikamet and cash and ask the operator for "e-Devlet Şifresi".

The service of getting the password costs only a couple of liras, and I don't write the exact price due to high inflation. It may become obsolete tomorrow :)

Login without Password

If you already have an account with a Turkish bank linked to your ikamet, then you don't need to get the e-Devlet password because you can log in to the website through banks without a password:


What's next?

After obtaining the password, you can access many Turkish government services on the website, such as:

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