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Source 2 Engine

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Have you heard any news about it's public release?

I'm so excited by the news about Source Engine 2 public release and literally can't wait for it. Does anyone know anything more about this?

Source 2 Generic Features:

  • 64-Bit Support

  • Support for DX9 and DX11

  • Support for Vulkan

  • Probably: Support for Mantle (you can find a string "RENDER_SYSTEM_DLL_MANTLE" in engine2.dll )

  • Support for VR

  • Free to use for "content developers" ( Source )

  • Probably: Importer for legacy Source 1 content (see source1import_blacklist.txt in Destinations)

  • Probably: Supports Bink Video, AVI and WMF (?)

  • Probably: Most of HL2 Entities and Classes exists (I created header files for The Lab demo, using this tool. Found HL2 classes in it.)

  • Supports Lua and probably Python for scripting

  • Probably: Support for "direct peer to peer connectivity" (Check out the help for p2p_* cmds like p2p_ping)

  • Probably: Support for "physically" clothing simulation, especially simulation of cloth behaivior in wind etc (see help for cloth_* cmds)

  • Probably: Support for day-night-cycle simulation and simulation of lightning on earth a like extra-solar planets with this model (Source 2 seems to use a example code of the researchers)

  • New GUI called Panorama (see here )

  • Support for Steam Audio, which features VR Sound and physically based 3D sound with techniques like sound reflection and occlusion. (SteamVR Home Beta has the file phonon.dll, which is the library of SteamAudio)

Technical Changes:

  • New File formats (VMDL instead of MDL, VMAT instead of VTM/VTF etc...)

  • New Kevalue2 Format for Files

  • Use of DMX files

  • Probably: Revised Physics Engine (see vphysics2.dll) called Rubikon

  • Better support of dynamic lights (Dota 2: Reborn uses only dynamic lights)

  • Game Infos are specifed in gameinfo.gi not in gameinfo.txt

  • Compiled maps are a VPK-Package, not longer a BSP

  • Probably: Other access system for filesystem (Source 2 let you choose between "native" and "STDIO"

Development tools general:

  • A Assetbrowser which shows all your content of your mod

  • New Model editor

  • New Hammer Editor

  • New Console

  • New Material Editor

  • Probably: Integrated debugging tools for scripts like adding watches, breakpoints and attach a debugger (see cl_script_* cmds). Maybe there will be some type of an official scripting IDE/plugins for existing IDEs for source2, there are hints for a help function with support for auto-completion

  • Probably: Tool for working with sounds (check "sndtool_help.txt" in core/tools/help )

  • Probably: Tool for creating/editing help files (check "helpsystem_commands_help.txt" in core/tools/help)

  • Probably: A tool for creating post processing effects and a tool called "PlantToolApp" (see files in core/tools/keybindings)

  • Probably: There are hints (in core/tools/images) for tools with name "workshopadmin", "grapheditor" (maybe this has something to to with clothing), "revison_control", "portraiteditor", "propertyeditor", "snooper" (maybe something with physics) and a new faceposer

  • A scene debugger (see plugin in "SteamVR Performance Test" VConsole)

New Console (Console2):

  • Starts a seperate Task and Window (no longer ingame)

  • Supports remote control (?)

  • Support for plugin like things

  • Support for Tabs

  • Engine sends its messages on different channels, you can filter for messages from a specific channel

  • Each Message has a priority level, so you can filter for important messages like errors etc.. (like in android ADB)

  • Better syntax completition

New Material Editor:

  • Lightning preview for Materials

  • Supports importing bitmaps from PSD (Photoshop format)

  • Shaders supports glossiness and metallness maps

New Hammer Editor:

  • Working ingame Lightning Preview

  • Faster/Improved 3D Preview

  • Importing feature for VMF files (Maps from old Hammer)

  • Written in QT4 (So maybe the workshop tools will be ported to Linux/Mac)

  • Undo-History

  • Support for map global variables

  • Internal Screenshot Function

  • Uses the old FGD Format (?)

  • Moving and Transform functions for Brushes are now more like in "real" 3d modelling Programs like 3DS Max. For example: You can specify the pivot Point of a brush

  • Tools for Modeling Brushes inside Hammer. For Example you can work on Vertex or Edges Layer and can do things like extrude or bevel Edges

  • Asset Sprayer: You can easily "spray" asset preset, like for example a road or a forest on your map, this makes it easier for players to create maps. (used for example in Dota 2)

  • New Chooser for Models and other Assets (Asset Browser)

  • light entity renamed to light_omni

  • Map size is no longer limited to Grid size

  • Maps dont have to be closed to work

  • Clipping tool preview

  • cubemap preview

Improved Source Filmmaker (SFM):

New Model Editor

  • Import Mesh from dmx, smd, fbx and obj files

New Particle Editor

  • Improved Particle Editor

Games that already uses Source 2:

  • "The Lab" - VR Demo written in Source 2 and unity

  • "Destinations" - VR game. Workshop Tools available

  • "Dota 2: Reborn" Workshop Tools available

  • "SteamVR Benchmark" - similar to "The Lab"

Thanks to jbtronics for this info.

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