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  2. Download 7zip. Install it. Open your file in 7zip.
  3. I downloaded a mod for the game in the 7z format, but it does not open. How to open it?
  4. The topic for any questions related to Epic Games Store. Looking for the EGS creator tag? Use QUARKGLUONPLASMA
  5. Looks like the author of Cheat Engine goes crazy because there is a lot of adware with the program on its official website Is there any good source where I can download it without this extra garbage?
  6. First gameplay videos:
  7. What is better Nvidia GeForce Now or Google Stadia? Please share your experience here!
  8. All day the game is freezing for a very long time. After a few minutes after freeze i'm getting an error: How to fix it?
  9. Each week it starts at 9000 XP, then increases by 9k for every next Battle Pass level (up to 54000), so: 9000 for the first Battle Pass level per week 18000 for the second Battle Pass level per week 27000 for the third Battle Pass level per week 36000 for the fourth Battle Pass level per week 45000 for the fifth Battle Pass level per week 54000 all the rest Battle Pass levels during the week After each week, it will reset back to 9000.
  10. As far as i remember in the season 1 it took 29500 XP per level. But in season 2 i can't find where i can see how much XP i need per battle pass level?
  11. Can anyone help me? For some reason my server has switched so I usually play in Oceania servers for fortnite with 50-60 ping but right now for some reason I get 180 ping on Oceania and I get 50-60 ping on Asia which doesn’t make sense as I live closer to the Oceania servers it’s like my ping switched with the two servers someone pls help
  12. Sometimes it's hard to find how to activate steam keys on their website without the steam app itself, so i hope this topic will help you if you're also encountered this problem. To activate steam key using browser just follow this link, sign in and enter your key. That's it.
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