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How to open and unpack Apex Legends rpak, starpak, vpk and other files?

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To unpack and open the different file types used by Apex Legends:

For .rpak and .starpak files:

  1. You can use an asset extraction tool called Legion+. It's designed specifically for extracting assets from Apex Legends and Titanfall 2. To use Legion+, you first need to install it by downloading the latest pre-compiled release or compiling the source code yourself (https://github.com/r-ex/LegionPlus).
  2. Once installed, you can use command line options to:
    • Export .rpak or .mbnk files with --export <path to .rpak or .mbnk>.
    • List all exportable assets within a .rpak or .mbnk file with --list <path to .rpak or .mbnk>.
    • Use various load flags to specify the types of assets you want to load, like models, animations, images, etc.
    • Specify the format you want to export the assets to, like .obj for models or .png for images.
    • An example command would be: LegionPlus.exe --export <path to rpak> --loadmodels --loadanimations --mdlfmt obj --animfmt seanim --imgfmt png

For .vpk files:

  1. GCFScape is the tool you'll need. It can open and extract from .vpk files, which are used for game content storage. The latest version required for .vpk files is 1.7.1 or newer.
  2. To extract files using GCFScape:
    • Make sure to associate .gcf files with GCFScape during installation.
    • Open the index file of a multi-part .vpk, which will be named <vpkname>_dir.vpk.
    • Browse the folders and subfolders to locate the file you want to extract.
    • Right-click the file and select the extract option, then choose your save location.
  3. GCFScape also requires .NET Framework 4.0 or later and Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime. For macOS and Linux users, these can be installed to run GCFScape through Wine.

For other file types:

  1. In addition to .rpak files, the Legion asset extraction tool can also be used for .starpak files from Apex Legends.
  2. GCFScape supports a range of other file types such as .bsp, .pak, .wad, and .xzp, which might be relevant depending on the specific files you are working with from Apex Legends.
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